With the aim of conducting a meritorious program in Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS) which will help students showcase their talent and creativity, International Veterinary Students’ Association- Paklihawa (IVSA – Paklihawa) in collaboration with Helping Hands for Agriculture and Veterinary Sectors (HAVS) successfully conducted a historic program in itself, “ACCESS EDUCON AGROVET EXHIBITION- 2019” on 20th December, 2019. The motto of the program was “Cultivating Innovation in Agriculture and Veterinary Sectors”.  The program was sponsored by Access Education Pvt. Ltd. and EDUCON Learning Sector and supported by Oracle Education Zone- Butwal, Nepal. The pogram was co-ordinated by Mr. Sameer Neupane. 

The program in itself was a challenge to all the members of the organizing committees. After the registration call and response of good number of participations, the first step towards the success of the program was achieved. 6 Veterinary Stalls and 8 Agricultural Stalls (prepared by the students of IAAS) with addition of an extra stall of the students of CB Public Secondary School were registered. The members of the committees equally worked hard whether it be in collection of the sponsorships or preparing invitations to the target viewers (Grade 9, 10, 11, 12, ISC, JTAs) or schowcasing the talent through models by him/herself.

On the particular day of the program, the program inaugurated at 11 AM and ended almost at 7 PM including completion of both formal and informal ones. The Agriculture and Veterinary Stalls were highly impressive and creative. They were highly informative for the students as well as for more than 700 visitors in the program. The visitors were from different schools and colleges of Rupandehi district, Nepal. The visitors voted their best Agriculture and Veterinary stalls in the exhibition.

After the completion of the informal program, it was time to begin formal one where the excellent Agriculture and Veterinary stalls were to be awarded. The judgment was done on the basis of 30% popular votes and the remaining 70% on judgers decision based on the art, presentation skills as well as the concept and theme relation about exhibition material of the participants. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Singh, Dr. Birendra Shrestha, Dr. Sirjan Bastola, Prof.  Tilak Karki, Prof. Prakash Ghimire, Prof. Pushpa Raj Poudel played the role of judges.

Excellent Stalls were awarded to:

  •  Ms. Megha Shah and Ms. Roshma Pandey from Agriculture Sector.
  • Mr. Ashwini Kumar Jha and Mr. Dipak Singh Kushwaha from Veterinary Sector.

The mini quiz conducted in the program was one of the major concepts from the attraction point of view. It was fun as well as informative from learning aspects.

At the end, the feedback about the program from the judgers and the participants was excellent. They exclaimed that it was beyond their expectations for it has been highly innovative and informative.