Antimicrobial Resistance Week- 2019

With the intend of increasing awareness of global antibiotic resistance and to encourage the best practices among the individuals to avoid further emergence and spread of antibiotics resistance, International Veterinary Students’ Association- Paklihawa (IVSA- Paklihawa) a local chapter of IVSA Nepal celebrated “Antimicrobial Resistance Week (AMRW) -2019” from 18th to 24th November organizing the following events.

Program details on different dates are listed below:

A. 18th to 24th November:

We conducted “Online Awareness” using Social Medias i.e. Facebook and Instagram on various topics related to antibiotics resistance. Online awareness was conducted for the entire week.

B. 22nd November:

With the theme of “Making education a free good for all veterinary students in the world” – ScoVE Team of IVSA Paklihawa organized study circle session - 4 on the topic “Antibiotics Resistance – A Global Crisis”. The presenter of the Study Circle was Mr. Chiran Krishna Tiwari (Member of IVSA Paklihawa). There were the presence of more than 30 students and their feedback about the program was excellent.

C. 23rd November:

Audio podcast on the topic- “An Overview on Antibiotic Resistance in Nepal” was prepared and released through the social media. The speaker of the audio podcast were Mr. Pratik Kiju (Exchange Officer of IVSA Nepal) and Ms. Samiksha Phuyal (Exchange officer of IVSA Paklihawa).

D. 24th November:

“Free Writing Competition” on the topic “Antibiotics-Risk or Reward” was conducted among the students of campus where more than 30 students took part in it. Dr. Bikash Puri, Assost. Professor (Department of Pathology) played the role of judge. Winner of the “Free Writing Competition” was declared as: Mr. Chiran Krishna Tiwari (8th semester)