Banner Posting Program To Aware People To Keep Animal Safe During Holi

Holi is the festival of colours. Many synthetic colours with chemicals are used in Holi that are toxic to animals. As veterinary students, IVSA NPI Conducted Awareness program and posted banners in many places to aware people to keep animals safe during Holi.


We would like to thank Veterinary coordinator of NPI Dr.Dipak Tiwari, IVSA Nepal Secretary Dev Sah , Nepal polytechnic Institute (npi) College Administration, Bharatpur Metropolitian office ,Narayani Riverside Management Committee for their Support.


Don't colour animals: 

Animals don't enjoy being covered with coloured water or powder, as it has the potential to harm them.


Adverse Effects of Colors

 Some of the ways how these colors and dyes prove dangerous to animals’ health.


Skin allergies and hair loss

Most dry colors used during Holi contain chemicals like Mercury Sulphate and metal oxides. These are known to induce skin allergies and inflammation in dogs, especially in the short-haired breeds. The constant itching and scratching associated with it can also lead to skin rashes and hair fall.


Leads to blindness

Stray dogs often get hit by water balloons. Most of the time, the balloons are filled with colors. The colored water and the dyes present in these balloons can be detrimental to their eyes which can even lead to permanent loss of eyesight.


Causes respiratory disorders

We often see people smearing colour powders on their pets during Holi. Little do they know that these powders can enter through the nasal tracts of the pets extremely quickly. The chemicals in the powder, on inhalation, can cause them lung infections and other respiratory issues.


Acts as a slow poison

Dogs and cats have a habit of cleaning themselves by licking. While self-grooming, they end up ingesting a lot of the colors we have applied to their body. The colors and dyes contain traces of lead which are slow poisons that can be fatal for both your pets and the stray animals.