International Veterinary Students’ Association- Paklihawa (IVSA - Paklihawa) in collaboration with Veterinary Teaching Hospital, TU along with seven other veterinary organization of the campus had collaboratively celebrated World Rabies Day-2019 themed as “Vaccinate to Eliminate” by conducting a week long campaign in Bhairahawa as “IAAS COLLECTIVE CAMPAIGN FOR RABIES AWARENESS AND VACCINATION.”

Program details on different dates are listed below:

Day 1st (22nd Sep. 2019):

             “Poster Presentation Competition” was conducted among the students of the campus where 14 posters related to rabies were presented. The competition was based on 40% popular votes and remaining 60% on judgers decision on the basis of skills, art and presentation of the participants as well as the theme of their posters. Dr. Birendra Shrestha and Prof. Dr. Puspa Raj Poudel played the role of judgers where about 200 students from the campus were participated in the program.

Winners of the Poster Presentation Competition were declared as:

1st: Aanchal Shrestha, Pradeep K.C.

2nd: Roshma Pandey, Binita Suwal

3rd: Sonika Neupane, Mina Bhandari, Abina Panti

Day 2nd (23rd Sep. 2019):

            Top 3 best posters selected from Poster Presentation Competition were progressed for the “School Awareness Program.” The program was performed in five different school of Bhairahawa where more than 300 students of lower secondary and secondary level were awared about “Fatal Zoonotic Diseases: Rabies.”

Day 3rd (24th Sep. 2019):

            On the third day “Panel Discussion Program” was conducted on “Rabies: A collective Approach to Eliminate.” The program was divided into two parts one as formal session and other as panel discussion sessions.

The panelist in the discussion was:

  1. Veterinary Teaching Hospital, IAAS Paklihawa, Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Krishna Kafle
  2. Livestock Development Officer, Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Expert Centre, Rupendehi Dr. Suman Khanal
  3. Mr. Deepak Thapa Kumar, S.N.P. Ward No.-02, Chief
  4. Mr. Kedar Nath Shah, Vector Central Controller, District Health Committee, Rupandehi
  5. Mrs. Harimaya Bdg Gurung, S.N.P. Ward No.-01 Member and Ranigaun/Nayagaun Aama Samuha President

The panel discussion was an interactive which served as a bell that rung the ears of various bodies about the urgency to manage zoonotic importance of rabies.

Day 4th (25th Sep. 2019):

          On the 4th day of week long program, “Quiz Competition on Rabies” was conducted among the students of campus which was divided into two sections 1st as Selection Round and 2nd as Final Round. 10 groups had taken part in the program where only 5 group where selected for Final Round from Selection Round. The Final Round was conducted next day at auditorium hall of the campus with four rounds of sets, namely rapid-fire round, vets for animal welfare round, gamble round and visual round comprising pictorial and video contents.

Winners of the Quiz Competition were declared as:

1st: Dheeraj K. Poudel, Muna Bhandari

2nd: Kiran Gaha, Sujan Kr. Shrestha

3rd: Bikesh Tiwari, Sonika Neupane

Day 5th (26th Sep. 2019):

          “Street Drama on Rabies Awareness” was performed collaboratively on Meudihawa Chowk where more than 50 local people had been made aware about “The Rabies, its Prevention and Vaccination”.

Day 6th (27th Sep. 2019):

           “Mass Vaccination against Rabies” was organized where about 120 dogs from Jhandi Bazar, Meudihawa, Rani Gaun and UCMS area of Paklihawa were vaccinated. Out of 120 dogs, more than 100 were community dogs. Also, few cats were vaccinated with ARV.

Day 7th (28th Sep. 2019):

           The last day of the campaign was concluded conducting “Rally Program and Mass Awareness” in Bhairahawa area where veterinary students as well as participants from: Nepal Veterinary Association- Province no.-05, Veterinary Hospital and Expert Centre- Bhairahawa, Rotaract Club of Lumbini- Siddharthanagar, Rotaract Club of Bhairahawa, Animal Health Directory- Rupandehi showed their enthusiastic participations. Also, a formal closing program was conducted in seminar hall of IAAS, Paklihawa Campus where winners of different competition and coordinators of various programs during the campaign were awarded.

Besides the day based programs, we also conducted “Mass Awareness Program about Rabies” throughout the week using Social Medias i.e. Facebook and Instragram.