CELEBRATION OF ANIMAL WELFARE WEEK 2021 (From 22st March, 2021- 28th March, 2021)


On the occasion of Animal welfare week, 2021, International Veterinary Students' Association (IVSA) Paklihawa, Standing Committee on Animal Welfare (SCAW) organized a week-long series of events for spreading awareness about the basic animal welfare issues, rights, freedoms, and importance. With the main theme, "Animal Welfare in Action", the Animal Welfare Week 2021 started on 22st March, 2021 with Inauguration of the event and Video making competition. The call for video making competition was opened for the participants to make a short video related to animal welfare issues and the winner of the video making competition was declared to announce at the end of animal welfare week.

On 23rd March, 2021, Standing Committee on Veterinary Education (SCoVE) IVSA Paklihawain collaboration with SCAW IVSA Paklihawa,conducted it’s seventh session of STUDY CIRCLE on the topic entitled "PROPER RESTRAINING and VITAL SIGNS COLLECTION" at Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS) Paklihawa. This program was a live session within the college premise.

The Program was inaugurated by Mr.AlokDhakal(SCoVE coordinator) and was presented by Mr.AnilPokhrel(Treasurer, IVSA Paklihawa) and Ms.SamikshyaBhusal(Executive Committee Member, IVSA Paklihawa). In the first phase of this session, Approaching and Restraining techniques in cattle, calf, dog, goat, cat, horse, rabbit, mice,larger rodents and poultry was explained by Mr. Pokhrel through his presentation. And the second phase was proceeded through the presentations of Ms. Bhusal where she elucidated and elaborated the clinical procedure and perfusion indicators of vital signs collection.The session lasted for about 1:30 hours with the presence of 25 participants.

On 24th March, 2021, to support the motive of Animal Welfare Week to raise the status of animals for improving the animal welfare standards, IVSA Paklihawa conducted the third episode of "Career Campfires; Season -1", entitled " Career Campfires: Ensuring Equine Welfare in Brick Kilns".

The episode began with the welcome speech by Mr. Pradeep Shah (SCAW Coordinator, IVSA Paklihawa) who talked about the Career Campfires and it's earlier episodes. And the whole episode was moderated by Mr. Prakash Rawal (Secretary, IVSA Paklihawa) and Ms.Usha Khatri(Standing Committee on One Health (SCOH) Coordinator, IVSA Paklihawa). In this episode of Career Campfires, the guest speaker was DrSajanaThapa(Programme Head in Equine Outreach Programme, Animal Nepal) as our guest speaker.

Ms. Thapa Illustrated the condition of equine in brick kilns and how they are forced to carry  heavy loads beyond their capacity . Further, she  explained about the aspects such as vaccination, nutrition, water, etc. that should  be covered by the owner to the working horses.She also added about the diseases that are commonly seen in these equine. Moreover, she  talked about the role of each individual in tackling the animal welfare issue and ensuring the animal welfare.And the episode was finally concluded with the thank you speech by Ms. Ushakhatri. Total 25 participants enjoyed the talk and their queries were answered.

On 25th and 26th March, IVSA Paklihawa released infographics on Animal Welfare Acts and situation in Nepal on various social media platforms, viz Facebook and Instagram.

On 27th March, the original prescheduled "Vet Talk Show"program was halted due to pre-cautionedmeasures imposed by the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Paklihawa Campus. Even though various infographics and posters related to animal welfare were released.

On 28th March, all the videos about the animal welfare which were collected during the Video making competition, were released in the social media, and the winners of the competition were announced. The judgement of the video was purely internal. The winners of the competition are:

  1. NilishaRokkaChhetri, NadimKhadka, Sachin Shrestha and Dibyanoor Shrestha (IAAS Paklihawa)
  2. MadhusudhanGaha (IAAS Paklihawa)
  3. PostakPoudel (IAAS Paklihawa)

In this way, IVSA Paklihawacompleted a week long Animal Welfare Week 2021.