In celebration of world happiness day, International Veterinary Student's Association (IVSA) Paklihawa's Standing Committee on Wellness (SCOW) organized an event on March 20th entitled “World Happiness Day” that included sessions on expressing gratitude to loved ones, discussing happiness, and participating in recreational activities.

SCOW IVSA Paklihawa coordinator, Mr.Arpit Adhikari and SCAW Global Ambassador, Ms. Romi Kumari Sah hosted the event.

The celebration began with the distribution of the happiness batch.Participants wrote thank-you notes on chart paper and a secret thank-you note to anyone without disclosing their identity and placed it in a gratitude box before entering the event.

 Mr. Arpit Adhikari delivered a welcome speech and an explanation of the program at the beginning of the event. Afterward, Ms. Romi Sah outlined the history of SCAW, which was to provide recreation to veterinary professionals and students.

After that, Miss Romi played a video containing interviews of students from IAAS Paklihawa to show what happiness means to them and what their happiest moment is.

Here are some answers to what happiness means to them:

 - money

 -wining tournament

 -living in the present

 -being with family

 -being in nature 


The happiest moments of different interviewees were:

 -conducting the first program

 -getting a puppy as a surprise gift

 -Reaching Everest base camp

 - Attending Chitwan Expo

Mr. Arpit Adhikari continued the program by playing a video of Sadguru ,showing his perception on happiness. According to him, key points to be happy were:

 - Know your position

 -Keep track of what made you happy at the end of the day and whether it is increasing or decreasing

 -how joyful you are and how much you make others happy

 -stay conscious about your mortality

 -one can change every moment

 -keep everything that is not you aside before going to bed

 -have a self-start mechanism

 As  a part of the recreational activity, participants had to identify old photos of different stduents from their own batch and from their seniors. Moreover, there was a recreational session in which Mr.Anish Khanl sang bistarai bistari, Mr.Anurag Silwal sang Pehli Najar, Mr.Sumiran Pokhrel sang Basanta song.Then everyone was asked to take out a Thank you paper from the gratitude box and read out thank you wish loudly.

At last, Ms. Romi Sah concluded the program by thanking everyone for being the part of the program.