Celebration Of World Wildlife Conservation Day 2020

       On the occasion of the "World Wildlife Conservation Day 2020" , IVSA NPI had conductwd the                    various Programs.

       1. Presentation program:

       The presentation was held from 1st December to 3rd December in different topics about the wildlife         conservation. The presentation was presented by our local members.

  • On 1st December the presentation was presented by Mr. Surya Subedi on the topic of “Elaboration of wildlife and their current status.”

  • On 2nd day (dec 2) the presentation was presented by Miss Jyoti Chaudhary on the topic of “Poaching of Pangolian and its myth about medicinal.” 

  • On the 3rd December the presentation was presented by Miss Pratikshya Chaudhary on the topic of “Reasons to protect wildlife and efforts made to protect them.”

      We would like to thanks our presentators Mr. Surya Subedi , Miss Jyoti Chaudhary & Miss                          Pratikshya  Chaudhary for their informative and interesting presentation.

      We would like to thank all the energetic presentators and participants for making this session                  successful.

     ​2. One Day Online Quiz Contest:

     On the occasion of "World Wildlife Conservation Day 2020" , IVSA NPI had conducted the one day           online quiz contest, which was held on 4th December 2020 at 3:45 PM NPT through Microsoft Form.         We the IVSA NPI organizing team is overwhelmed with your active & energetic participation and               the responses that we have received from our participants was wonderful.

     By providing 25 correct answers out of 30 questions we are pleased to announce Mr.Ayush Adhikari       as a winner of our one day online quiz contest.We the IVSA NPI Family would like to congratulate Mr.       Ayush Adhikari & we are also greatful to all the participants for their active participation.

     3. Webinar

     On 4th December 2020 , International Veterinary Students Association NPI (IVSA,NPI) had                         successfully conducted webinar program on the felicitous occasion of "World Wildlife Conservation       Day 2020" titled as "Global Challenges Of Wildlife Conservation".

     The program was presented by honourable speaker Dr. Amir Sadaula . He is Veterinary Doctor at             National Trust For Nature Conservation (NTNC). He was also the former Veterinary Officer at Bird             Conservation Nepal .He discussed in detail about what kind of global challenges are there in the               world regarding Wildlife Conservation.He also elaborate some challenging obstacles that are                   present in context of Nepal regarding Wildlife Conservation. Those informations were very                         beneficials for our participants.

    The programe was Interactive and informative & . There were more than 30 participants in the                     programe who pay attention to our honourable Speaker.We the IVSANPI team is thankful to our                 patron Dr.Egendra Kumar Shrestha , speaker Dr.Amir Sadaula and all the guests and participants             who made the program successful.And we are very greatful to our speaker for providing such                   magnificent information regarding the global challenges for Wildlife Conservation inspite of his busy       schedule.