Congratulations! IVSA Paklihawa won #ivsascohcompetition19_20

Congratulations to IVSA Paklihawa for winning year long trend of #ivsascohcompetition19_20. IVSA Paklihawa received 150 Euros as a prize for it!

On August 11 2020, this was declared by  IVSA Standing Committee on One Health, SCOH. In praise of IVSA Paklihawa they wrote:

IVSA Paklihawa participated in almost every project IVSA SCOH run (Campaigns, Ambassadors Programs, Journals, Interest to Host the Events, etc) and they also made many new projects locally on OH. Their participation in the year-long-competition throught the #ivsascohcompetition19_20 hashtag was extremely good, and they win the prize of 150 Euros!!