As part of the program "Upgrading IAAS Farm" on the 10th of February 2022, the Standing Committee on Animal Welfare (SCAW) of IVSA Paklihawa conducted an "FMD and PPR Vaccination Program" at the farm of the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Paklihawa.
Additionally, the IVSA Paklihawa asked enthusiastic veterinary students to show up as volunteers in appropriate attire, including an apron, shoes, and masks.
The program was sponsored by the Veterinary Teaching Hospital IAAS, Paklihawa, and the Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Centre, Bhairahawa.
The program started at 8:00 a.m. at the IAAS Farm.

The program started at 8 am and it almost ran for two and a half hours.As a part of the program, Dr. Ganga Yadav (Assistant Professor, IAAS TU) gave a short regarding the protocol, precautions, and procedures to be followed while vaccinating animals against FMD and PPR.The vaccination program was conducted under the supervision of two professors and a veterinary assistant. It was assisted by 25 volunters.

Twenty-five goats, 16 buffaloes, 20 sheep, and nine cattle were vaccinated. Buffaloes and cattle were vaccinated against FMD. PPR vaccine was administered to goats and sheep. Animals were restrained physically with the assistance of volunteers and farm workers .