International Tiger Day - 2018

July 29,2018
At a time when safe space for wildlife to thrive is being rapidly encroached by human activities, the population of tigers has become a cause for concern across the world. International Tiger Day is celebrated on this day to increase awareness on tiger populations throughout the world as well as the challenges and successes tiger conservationists face today. Tiger conservationists and organisations throughout the world have taken to social media to voice their thoughts on the state of tiger conservation today.
The wild tiger population in the world has declined by more than 98% in the past 200 years; the present tiger population of 3,643 is only 5% of the population a century ago. Concerned by this sharp decline of an iconic animal of the Asian tropical forests, the heads of government of 13 tiger range countries conferred at the International Tiger Forum in St Petersburg, Russia in 2010. In the meeting they expressed a written commitment to double the wild tiger population by 2022 in an attempt to protect this endangered species from extinction.
The total population of tiger in nepal is 198 according to census 2013, if everything goes according to plan Nepal has aimed to double its population by 2018 AD, 4 years earlier than its commitment.