IVSA Rampur Word Hunt Contest #1

In order to engage veterinary students in learning through a much more interactive way, IVSA Rampur successfully conducted the WORD HUNT CONTEST. We presented the word hunt puzzle on 15th of December with the deadline of 25th of December.

Congratulations to Ms.Băjan Gabriela from the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca, IVSA Cluj Napoca, Romania on being drawn as a lucky winner of IVSA Rampur Word Hunt Contest #1 after a tie. All the participants are highly appreciated. We would like to encourage all of you for more gracious participation in the coming days. Out of a total of 20 participants, 15 participants have 100% results. Other participants with 100% result were:

1. Anuj Gyawali

2. Abdul Wahab Habeebullahi Olabisi, Sokoto, Nigeria

3. Paras Kunwar

4. Anjali Pulami

5. Ashesh Raj Bishwokarma

6. Binita Poudel

7. Pramila Subedi

8. Sudip Poudel

9. Kamana Thapa

10. Susmita Bhattarai

11. Priti Gurung

12. V. Deepthi, India

13. Gaurav Joshi, Parbhani, India

14. Kabit Timilsina