Live Interview on "OIE International Standards In The Context of Nepal" with Dr. Banshi Sharma

Live Interview on "OIE International Standards In The Context of Nepal" with Dr. Banshi Sharma (OIE Delegate of Nepal)  

On 18th July, 2020, 13:00 (NPT), International Veterinary Students' Association, Paklihawa (IVSA, Paklihawa) conducted a live interview on "OIE International Standards In The Context of Nepal". The program was supported by Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD, Nepal). The key speaker of the program was Dr. Banshi Sharma (Chief Veterinary Officer, OIE Delegate of Nepal) and he was interviewed by Ms. Suvha Shree Sharma (OIE/IVSA Junior Ambassador, Editor of IVSA Paklihawa) who hosted the program as well. The OIE Video on OIE International Standards was displayed at the beginning to all the participants so that they get a background overview of OIE International Standards. After the video, the key speaker for the program was introduced along with assistant moderators (Ms. Pema Sherpa and Ms. Usha Khatri)  who were there to summarize the answers.

Following questions were asked in the interview: 

  1. What are in the OIE Codes and OIE manuals included in OIE International Standards?
  2. Use and Implementation of OIE International Standards in Nepal
  3. Procedures of disease notification to OIE? Have the disease reporting and surveillance affected by COVID-19 pandemic?
  4. Are the OIE members obliged to implement OIE standards? What are the consequences if they don’t?
  5. As you are the OIE delegate of Nepal, what are your duties and responsibilities to OIE?
  6. Does Nepal serve as any part in the setting of OIE Standards?
  7. How is the international trade safeguarded  in the open boarders in Nepal?
  8. Are only the OIE members involved in the standard setting process or the government of the country is also included? What happens when government refuses to incorporate the OIE standards in Nation’s policy?
  9. What are the measures of diagnosis and surveillance of disease?
  10. Are the national provisions regarding the aspects of animal welfare adequate to meet the OIE International Standards?

After Dr. Sharma answered each questions, Ms. Pema Sherpa (Treasurer, IVSA Paklihawa) summarized every answers so that session becomes fruitful and none of the participants miss any key points. 

Dr. Sharma answered each and every questions of the participants very well and everyone were satisfied with the answers. After Q/A session, Dr. Sharma shared an inspiring message to all the participants as an OIE Delegate of Nepal.The session ended with remarkable and inspiring words by Mr. Santosh Panta (President, IVSA Paklihawa). This 1 and half hour sessions was really interactive and we thank all the helping hands for making this program successful.