On February 28, 2022, the Standing committee on Animal Welfare (SCAW) of the International Veterinary Students' Association (IVSA), Paklihawa, a local chapter of IVSA Nepal conducted an online podcast on "Snow leopard conservation and ecological restoration" with an aim to promote awareness of snow leopard and hill ecosystem conservation in Nepal.


In this podcast, Mr. Rinzin Phunjok Lama ( wildlife biologist and conservationist, Winner of Rolex Awards for Enterprise 2021, WWF Nepal Conservation Award in 2020)  served as a resource person and was hosted by Ms. Usha Khatri (Secretary, IVSA Paklihawa).


The program was live via the official facebook page of IVSA Paklihawa where Mr. Lama explained in detail about the status, habitat, behavior and possible threats of Snow Leopard. He also gave his insights on its zoonotic aspects, tracking system, human - Snow Leopard conflicts and effects of climate change on Snow leopard.


The podcast lasted for about one and half hours with 78 viewers. The program was finally concluded with some remarkable words from Mr.Rinzin Phunjok Lama.