"ONE HEALTH WEBINAR SERIES"- Celebration of "World One Health Day 2020"

Targeting the One Health Day (November 3), International Veterinary Students' Association (IVSA) Paklihawa and Youth Professionals for Agriculture Development Nepal (YPARD Nepal) with a joint effort, organized a 3- days One Health Webinar Series where six different national and international speakers all over the world, contributed as Keynote speakers and gave informative insights about different essentials entities of One Health. The online webinar series was organized from November 2 and continued to November 4.

Unlike other programs from IVSA Paklihawa, "One Health Webinar Series" was conducted only through live via. IVSA Paklihawa Facebook page, YPARD Nepal Facebook group, and YouTube channel (IVSA Paklihawa). This webinar series was mainly organized With a motto of highlighting the importance of "One Health", where we had had six speakers with their presentation related to one health.

The first day of "One Health Webinar Series" was started with a welcome speech by Ms. Usha Khatri (SCOH coordinator, IVSA Paklihawa) and the session was moderated by Ms. Kamana Kafle(BSC Ag- HICAST ). On this very first day of "One Health Webinar Series", we had Dr. Rakesh Chand[Director at Center for One Health Research and Promotion (COHRP), Nepal] and Mr. Abishek Khadka (A program manager at Baliyo Nepal Nutrition Initiative).

Dr. Chand presented on the topic "Overview Of One Health Concept In Nepal; Insect Trade And Their Role In Global Health". And Mr. Khadka Presented his presentation on "Climate Change And Its Nexus With Food And Nutrition Security". And the session was formally ended by Mr. Aashish Adhakari (President, IVSA Nepal) giving his views about One health and best wishes for the program. The session lasted for about two hours and the queries of the participants were addressed where they mentioned their queries on the comment section of the Facebook pages and YouTube live comment section.

Similarly, the second day of "One Health Webinar Series" was started with some introduction about "IVSA Paklihawa" by Mr. Ashwini Kumar Jha (Exchange officer, IVSA Paklihawa). And the Session was hosted by Mr. Prakash Rawal (Secretary, IVSA Paklihawa). On this second day, We had Mr. Ahmed Magdy Elsayed Abdo [Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH) Members' Engagement Development Assistant (ME DA)] and  Mr. Manoj Bashyal (Freelancer- Nutritionist) as our guest speakers. Mr. Magdy presented on the topic "Public Health Safety Standards And Outbreak Investigation". Whereas, Mr. Bashyal presented on "Nutrition And Improved Health; Towards Global Food Security". The session was formally ended by Ms. Suvha Shree Sharma (President, IVSA Paklihawa) with some remarkable words.

And the final day (3rd day), was started with some introduction about YPARD Nepal by Mr. Abishek Khadka and the session was Moderated by Ms. Pema Sherpa (Standing Committee chair, IVSA Paklihawa). On this day, we had Dr. Inga McDermott (Clinical Director, The One Health Foundation) and Dr. Sujit Shah (Researchers, NARC). Dr. McDermott presented her presentation on" Canine Distemper Virus- A Conservation Concern" and Dr. Shah presented his presentation on "Interrelationship Between Diet, Health And Exercise"

The final session of "One Health Webinar Series" was formally concluded by announcing the Top 3 Winners of "Online Storytelling Competition" by Mr. Abishek Khadka (Programme Manager; Baliyo Nepal Nutrition Initiative).

All the sessions each day were about two hours long with the engagement of more than 100 people connected in either of the platforms viz. Facebook or YouTube and the program had fulfilled its objective for the awareness of the One Health concept.