"AN ONLINE STORY TELLING COMPETITION", Phase-ll of "An Approach Towards Humane and Hygienic Festival"

In this festive season, the Standing Committee on Wellness (SCoW) of International Veterinary Students' Association (IVSA) Paklihawa, a local chapter of IVSA Nepal, organized Phase -II of the program entitled " An Approach towards Humane and Hygienic Festival" which was supported by YPARD NEPAL. In this phase -II, IVSA Paklihawa organized "An Online Story Telling Competition" focusing on animal rights and animal welfare issues with the theme "Animal-Friendly Festival; Safe Celebration for All".

The participants were asked to present their story in the form of:






-Drama Script


The judging panel was served by three personnel. Here, the judges were Mr. Anil Bastola (Program Officer at YPARD Nepal), Mr. Pratik Kiju ( Former Exchange Officer, IVSA Nepal), and Ms. Aastha Bhushal (Member at Ypard Nepal). The criteria for the selection were:

Full marks 100 for each judge

1) relevancy to theme:25  marks

2) story effectiveness - 25 marks

3) creativity- 25 marks

4) originality- 25 marks


In the competition, total of 12 participants participated and showed their beautiful creativities using various ways as mentioned above. After the unbiased result of the respected judge panel, the winners for the competition were selected. They are:

Winner: Ms. Barsha Bista (IAAS, Tribhuvan University)

First Runner Up: Mr. Shishir Aryal (IAAS, Paklihawa)

Second Runner Up: Ms. Mamata Poudel (Agriculture and Forestry University)  

The creativities of the participants were also posted at the blogger site of IVSA Paklihawa i.e., https://ivsapaklihawa.blogspot.com/?m=1

The competition had fulfilled its objective of awareness of animal rights and welfare issues along with the wellness of humans.