Publication of IVSA Rampur Vetzine Volume 01 Issue 02

With the purpose of instigating magazine idea to encompass all animal-related issues by the active participation and collaboration of all enthusiastic veterinary students all around the globe, IVSA Rampur has successfully published the second issue of " IVSA Rampur Vetzine."

Follow this link to read our "IVSA Rampur Vetzine Volume 01 Issue 02."

A lot of helping hands was involved spending their toil to extract the great materials. We would like to acknowledge our teachers, mentors and seniors, mates and juniors who have given every bit of effort to craft and improve the magazine.

Especially, we would like to thank IVSA Rampuraphul for their support and contribution in MO Ally's Corner.

IVSA Rampur heartily welcomes suggestions and compliments on this volume of 'IVSA Rampur Vetzine,' which will act to the betterment of upcoming magazine in future.