Urea Minerals Molasses Block(UMMB) Preparation Program

IVSA NPI had successfully conducted the UREA MINERALS MOLASSES BLOCK PREPARATION Program .The program was conducted on May 4, 2022.

The program was conducted under chairmanship of Mr.Suman Banjade (President, IVSA NPI).The program was started with Presentation of our chief guest Dr.Sulav Adhikari . We completed the program under guidance of our teacher Dr.Sulav Adhikari.

IVSA NPI is thankful to our program coordinator Pramila K.C.( Ex Committee member), Nepal Polytechnic Institute,Dr.Sulav Adhikari, Miss Anamika Shrestha SCOW Toolkit manager & all the helping hands and all the students who were presented to work To gain Knowledge and benefit animals during this program.