On 24th April, 2021, Standing Committee on Wellness (SCoW) IVSA Paklihawa celebrated World Veterinary Day 2021 by organizing the first ever Virtual Scavenger Hunt 2021.The goal of the hunt was to enable players to have fun, stretch their creative and problem-solving minds along with completing the challenges in a specified time period. The hunt was conducted on the virtual platform where a total of 20 veterinarians and non-veterinarians participated with full enthusiasm.


The hunt began with the welcome speech by Ms. Usha Khatri(Standing committee on One Health SCOH coordinator, IVSA Paklihawa). The program was coordinated and moderated by Mr. Sachin Shrestha (Standing committee on Veterinary Education SCoVE member, IVSA Paklihawa). He briefed the audience and the participants about the hunt, the rules and started the game.


In the hunt, players were assigned 20 challenges, each challenge to be completed in 2 minutes time and the photo of the completed challenge was to be submitted to scow.ivsapak@gmail.com In support of World Solidarity Week 2021, a challenge was given to click a photo of the participants wearing anything green, viz. Green clothing, ribbon, bands, or accessories. This is to honour those that we have lost to mental illnesses and to destigmatize the talk around it.

The participants were assisted by Mr. Hari Paudel, Mr.MadhusudanGaha, Ms. Usha Khatri and Mr. Ashwini Kumar Jha who continuously showed their  support in the chat box.According to our winner Ms. Sandhya Poudel, "Playing IVSA Scavenger Hunt was like stealing moments of fun in this speedy world. Completing the aforementioned tasks reminds me of how quick a span of time can easily pass with a blink. I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game. I wish IVSA Paklihawa best wishes in the upcoming future." The judgement of the hunt was totally internal. The first runner up and second runner up were Ms. Mamata Pokhreland Mr. Rajib Dhakalrespectively.

The program was put in a conclusion by Ms. Pema Sherpa (Standing Committee Chair), who also happened to be the co-moderator of the event. The program was about one and half hours long, where the participants completed their assigned tasks. Extra 15 minutes were given to those who were unable to submit their tasks. The program was formally ended with some remarkable words by Mr. Ashwini Kumar Jha (Exchange officer, IVSA Paklihawa).