On the occasion of WORLD WILDLIFE DAY 2019, IVSA NPI conducted a presentation competition on the various topics related to wildlife and their preservation. The main aim of this program was to motivate students. A formal program was held at NPI multipurpose hall under the chairmanship of Mr Saroj Ojha (president of IVSA NPI).

We were very much delighted with the gracious presence of Dr. Egendra kumar shrestha (Associate director of NPI and patron of IVSA NPI) as a chief guest , Prof. Dr. Shyam kumar Shah as a special guest & also we were so overwhelmed  by the presence of Dr. Dipak tiwari (veterinary coordinator of NPI) ,Dr. Shekhar Pokhrel , Dr. Bishnuhari Pokhrel ( charter Exchange Officer of IVSA Nepal , NMO) , Mr Binod Pokhrel ( president of IVSA Nepal) , Mr. Amrit Pandey ( president of IVSA Rampur) ,Mr. Saugat Acharya (charter member , IVSA Nepal) , Mr. Bipin Regmi (program coordinator) , and Mr. Sunil Gyawali (president of NVSA NPI) as a guest and enthusiastic students of NPI.

There were 10 participants, among them 3 were awarded  and every participants were given appreciation certificate. Prof. Dr. Shyam Kumar Shah, Dr. Egendra Kumar Shrestha and Dr. Shekhar Pokhrel helped us with their judgement. Special thanks to everyone present in the program for making it succesful.