Hosting IVSA Brno at Nepal

IVSA Nepal hosted the members of IVSA Brno from Czech Republic  for its 3rd international Exchage Program starting from 16th April, 2018. This was the second visit of IVSA Brno, they had participated in two consequitive years. 
All the participants of the exchange program were warmly received by the members of IVSA Nepal at TIA. The members visited various historical, cultural and touristic site of different parts of Nepal. They visited world heritage site at kathmandu and lumbini, and they were amused by the ancient artistic monuments and heritages. They were also able to capture the natural ravishing sites of Pokhara and Chitwan. The trek to Ghandruk was memorable as well as informative about the cultural aspects of the Nepal. 
They were welcomed at Agriculture and Forestry University by the vice chancellor and other  faculty members of AFU, the visit to Pakhlihawa Campus and HICAST was equally fruitful; this visit to different universities and campuses allowed them to learn about the educational prospects and processes of the country in veterinary field. They were also able to learn about the situation of veterinarians and the role they play in the society. 

After staying and learning about our society, the Brno crew departed with sweet memories of their visit at 1st May,2018. Thus the grand program of IVSA Exchange 2017 came to a successful end.

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