Hosting IVSA Denmark in Nepal-2019

Under the international IVSA exchange program 2019, IVSA Nepal hosted IVSA Denmark from 11th October to 18th October 2019. Some of the key events of the visit were as:

DAY I: IVSA Nepal heartily welcomed IVSA Denmark.

Day 2: Visit at Swyambhunath

Day 3: The members of IVSA Denmark were absolutely thrilled to experience the spellbinding beauty of Pokhara. Our visit went as:

  • World Peace Stupa➡️Davis Fall➡️International Mountain Museum➡️Chamero gufa(Bat cave) ➡️lakeside, ➡️Thakali Food.

Pokhara is just a piece of heaven. So this time the exchange grew bigger and amazing we had a very good sharing of problems and solutions of horses of the local horse owners to the team of IVSA Denmark near Bat cave.

Day 4(October 14th); It was the day when IVSA Denmark got welcomed by the mighty snowcapped majestic mountains, the twisting, and turning waterfalls, the up and downs of the rolling green hills. Yeah, it was such a worthy and treasured trekking. Our visit went as:

  • Pokhara ➡️Ghandruk➡️tadhapani.

Day 5 & 6(October 15th and 16th): We were woken up by the sound of the bustling river with perfect harmony with the chirping sound of the birds and the bells of the donkeys with Mt Fishtail and Mt Annapurna closest to us as possible. The tranquillity of the scenic place was just a heavenly feeling. Then trekking to punhill('pun mountain' as called by members of IVSA Denmark) began. The trek was one of a lifetime experience for both of the exchange teams. Reaching the top of the Pun Hill was one of the many best feelings of the whole trek.

Hats off to the team of Ivsa Denmark for showing concern and as well as collecting plastics and bottles in the trekking route. All the Nepalese people will really appreciate your efforts. Thank you Ivsa Denmark

These 2 days were full of sweet and happy memories. Our visit went as:

  • Tadhapani ➡️Ghorepani ➡️Pun Hill➡️Ulleri ➡️Pokhara

Day 6 & 7(October 17th and 18th): The day was lucky. We were having a presentation on Wildlife Status of Chitwan National Park by Dr. Amir Sadaula; Wildlife Veterinarian of Chitwan National Park; National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) directly coming from Pokhara. The presentation was very fruitful for both the exchange groups. We had a really good session on different subtopics. Some of the topics were:

  1. ​Wildlife disease surveillance
  2. Ecological research and Wildlife Translocation
  3. Wildlife diseases of Nepal and its method of treatment (Canine Distemper, Canine Parvo Virus, EEHV virus)

Our visit went as:

  • Pokhara ➡️Chitwan ➡️Kathmandu

We would like to extend our heartful gratitude towards Dr. Sadaula for such an informative presentation. IVSA Denmark also exchanged their status of wildlife practice in their country and were astonished by the wildlife practices of Nepal.
We had also a trip towards the Elephant training and breeding center of the park.
Some of the main spots of the day 6 and 7 were

  • Tharu Cultural show
  • Jungle jeep safari
  • Visit IVSA NPI.
  • Finally to Kathmandu.


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