National Exchange: Exchange Program of IVSA Rampur and IVSA Pakhlihawa

National Exchange Program: IVSA Rampur-IVSA Pakhlihawa Exchange. 

IVSA Pakhlihawa hosted IVSA Rampur in 1st ever national exchange of veterinary students of Nepal.  IVSA Pakhlihawa hosted IVSA Rampur at Pakhlihawa, IAAS. With the aim of interaction between the members of local chapters of Rampur and Paklihawa, 2 days exchange program was scheduled from feb 2 to feb 3. 
A day Lumbini trip was conducted on feb 02.

Interaction program between the members of IVSA Paklihawa and IVSA Rampur was conducted on feb 03. Ex Co members and General members of IVSA pakhlihawa were delighted to have team of IVSA Rampur at pakhlihawa. 

"IVSA Rampur is happy to share that, everyone of us are delighted to be there, visit serene world heritage site-Lumbini with our fellow veterinary students from IAAS, Pakhlihawa. We're much overwhelmed today, at this instant after having healthy concrete interaction with each members & General members of IVSA from Pakhlihawa. 
The energy & enthusiasm of IVSAians is matter of pride!", says IVSA Rampur President Mr. Khim Bahadur Ale. 

Veterinary students celebrating the common goal as being on same profession! The bond between every veterinarian must be strong. These moments will be cheerished for years! - EO IVSA Rampur, Ranjita Bastola

Thank you very much EO of both chapters & IVSA Pakhlihawa Team!

Also IVSA Nepal, national member organization was happy to share the veterinary books to IVSA Pakhlihawa with the Committment of IVSA Pakhlihawa to handover it to IAAS, Pakhlihawa Library! 
Love is evetywhere, we're on common path to enrich veterinary profession & support IVSA movement. ❤❤❤

Other schedule of National Exchange will be planned soon between other local chapters too. 



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