Online National Exchange Program - 2020


Amidst the Corona virus pandemic where live exchange program was beyond our reach, IVSA Paklihawa hosted an Online National Exchange Program on 15th July, 2020. The objective of the program was to coordinate all the local MOs (IVSA Hicast, IVSA NPI, IVSA Rampur and IVSA Paklihawa) with our parent MO (IVSA Nepal) bridging the communication gap between each other.

The entire session was divided into 3 sections :

1) Introduction section : In this session all the committee members of respective local MOs and National MOs introduced themselves in the order from board memeber to the president. The introduction section was initiated by IVSA Nepal followed by IVSA HICAST, IVSA NPI, IVSA Rampur and lastly IVSA Paklihawa.

2) Presenatation section : In this session, a member from each committees presented slides on the programs, their respective MOs are doing in this tenure. Similarly, with this, the pros and cons of the programs were also addressed. 

3) Interaction section : In this session Ms. Samikshya Phuyal (Exchange Officer, IVSA Paklihawa) with coordinatuon with other local MO's Exchange Officer, collectively presented 'A Way forward for IVSA'. Ms. Phuyal also gave some suggestions and advice with challenges faced by the local committees on behalf of all the local MOs. Mr. Aashirbad Pokharel (President, IVSA Nepal) and Mr. Pratik Kiju (Exchange Officer, IVSA Nepal) addressed the questions raised by in the interaction session. Everyone were satisfied with the answer. 

This 2 and half hour session was really productive and wonderful as all the IVSAians not only got to know each other but also had insight on respective local chapters as well. The session ended with wonderful remarkable words by Mr. Santosh Panta, President of IVSA Paklihawa.

We would like to thank all the IVSAians who made it to the program and made this program successful

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