Report on webinar, "Basics of Diagnostic Approaches in Pet Animals"

Upon a call for Veterinary Enthusiasts, IVSA Paklihawa successfully conducted its first webinar on “Basics of Diagnostic Approaches in Pet Animals,” featuring the esteemed Dr. Rupak Pandey as our Speaker on the 9th September, 2023 . The webinar was a resounding success, drawing in a diverse audience eager to expand their knowledge in the field of veterinary medicine. Dr. Rupak Pandey's presentation was truly enlightening, providing attendees with a comprehensive overview of essential diagnostic techniques for small animals. His discussion covered the art of auscultation, where he emphasized the significance of discerning normal and abnormal lung sounds, a crucial skill for any veterinarian or aspiring veterinary enthusiast. Furthermore, he delved into the importance of thoracic radiographs in diagnosing various conditions, shedding light on the role of imaging technology in modern veterinary practices.

The session left participants feeling inspired and equipped with a deeper understanding of diagnostic approaches in pet animals. IVSA Paklihawa looks forward to continuing to organize such informative events, fostering a community of passionate and well-informed veterinary enthusiasts dedicated to the well-being of animals everywhere.