Report on webinar, "Current Situation of Wildlife in Nepal & the Role of Veterinarians in their Conservation."

Upon a call for Veterinary Enthusiasts, IVSA Paklihawa successfully conducted its second webinar on the pressing topic of "Current Situation of Wildlife in Nepal & the Role of Veterinarians in their Conservation." on 10th September, 2023. Dr. Avash Shrestha, our distinguished speaker, brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this enlightening session, leaving the audience inspired and informed.

The program was coordinated by Mr. Rabin Ojha (Member, IVSA Paklihawa) and the program was chaired by Mr. Sujit Regmi (President, IVSA Paklihawa). The program was organized in Google Meet at 5 PM which was attended by around 50 participants. During the webinar, Dr. Shrestha provided a comprehensive overview of the current status of wildlife in Nepal, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities in their conservation efforts. He discussed various conservation strategies that are being implemented to protect Nepal's rich biodiversity, emphasizing the crucial role that veterinarians play in these initiatives. After the end of the wonderful presentation, we had an interactive Q&A sessions. After the Q&A session Mr. Regmi ended the program formally.

One of the highlights of the session was the in-depth discussion of different wildlife cases. Dr. Shrestha shared real-life experiences and case studies, offering valuable insights into the complexities of wildlife medicine and the vital role veterinarians play in the health and well-being of Nepal's diverse wildlife population.

The webinar served as a catalyst for awareness and action, motivating participants to actively contribute to the conservation of Nepal's wildlife. IVSA Paklihawa is committed to organizing more informative and engaging events like this, fostering a community of passionate veterinary enthusiasts dedicated to preserving our planet's precious wildlife heritage. Stay tuned for more exciting and educational opportunities on our journey towards a sustainable future for all species.