National Exchange

Online National Exchange Program - 2020


Amidst the Corona virus pandemic where live exchange program was beyond our reach, IVSA Paklihawa hosted an Online National Exchange Program on 15th July, 2020. The objective of the program was to coordinate all the local MOs (IVSA Hicast, IVSA NPI, IVSA Rampur and IVSA Paklihawa) with our parent MO (IVSA Nepal) bridging the communication gap between each other.

The entire session was divided into 3 sections :

National Exchange: Exchange Program of IVSA Rampur and IVSA Pakhlihawa

National Exchange Program: IVSA Rampur-IVSA Pakhlihawa Exchange. 

IVSA Pakhlihawa hosted IVSA Rampur in 1st ever national exchange of veterinary students of Nepal.  IVSA Pakhlihawa hosted IVSA Rampur at Pakhlihawa, IAAS. With the aim of interaction between the members of local chapters of Rampur and Paklihawa, 2 days exchange program was scheduled from feb 2 to feb 3. 
A day Lumbini trip was conducted on feb 02.