National Exchange 2019

National Exchange 2019: Exchange between all the local chapters (IVSA Rampur-IVSA Pakhlihawa-IVSA NPI-IVSA HICAST)

IVSA Rampur a local chapter of IVSA Nepal hosted other 3 local chapters( IVSA Pakhlihawa-IVSA NPI-IVSA HICAST) in 2nd  national exchange of veterinary students of Nepal.  IVSA Rampur hosted other chapters at Rampur,AFU. With the aim of interaction between the members of local chapters of Rampur, Paklihawa, NPI, HICAST 2 days exchange program was scheduled from Jan 9 to Jan 10.
On 9th January visit to different labs and farms of Agriculture and Forestry University,Rampur and campfire at night.

Interaction program between the members of IVSA Rampur, IVSA Paklihawa, IVSA NPI, IVSA HICAST with IVSA NEPAL  was conducted on Jan 10. Ex Co members and General members of IVSA Rampur were delighted to have team from different local chapters.

The energy & enthusiasm of IVSAians is matter of pride!", says IVSA Nepal President Mr. Binod Pokhrel.

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