Hosting IVSA Austria in Nepal-2019

Under the international IVSA exchange program 2019, IVSA Nepal hosted IVSA Austria form 5th February to 18th February, 2019. 11 members of IVSA Austria were welcomed by IVSA Nepal and accompanied them on their trip to various places of Nepal.

During their stay at Nepal, the members visited various natural, cultural and historical places. Their journey started from Kathmandu where they visited various cultural and historical places. The Pashupatinath temple and the Swyambhunath were some of the religious sites they were able to observe. They were also able to get a glimpse of history of Nepal by visiting the Basantapur Durbar Square. They were also able to soak in the beauty of night on the streets of Thamel.

After their stay at Kathmandu, they were able to get the glimpse of natural beauty of Nepal in Pokhara. Boating in Fewa Lake, short trip to Sarangkot to view the Machhapuchre Mountain, visit to bat cave and peace pagoda were some of the exciting things they did in Pokhara. After that, they went on the trek to Poon hill to get the majestic view of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountain range as well as the breathtaking view of the sunrise from the top of Poon hill.

With the visit to the natural places of the Nepal a grand success, the trip was concentrated on the visit to the cultural aspect of Nepal. For this, the exchange students were taken to Lumbini for their visit. The birthplace of Buddha did not disappoint them as they were very impressed with the surroundings of the Lumbini area. The area radiated the peace and compassion taught to us by Gautam Buddha hundreds of years ago.

Visit to Lumbini was followed by the tour of Chitwan National Park where the students were able to interact with many species of flora and fauna exclusive to Nepal. They were able to get a close look on the elephant breeding centre and were able to enjoy the night in Sauraha with campfire. This was a way to get acclimatized to the nature itself.

IVSA Pakhlihawa was kind enough to organize a free animal health camp in Piparihawa – 11, Rupandehi where the students were able to showcase their skills of veterinary practice. They also visited the Pakhlihawa campus of veterinary science and learn about the practices of study in Nepal. IVSA Rampur was also able to conduct an interaction program for the students with the Veterinary faculty and Vice chancellor of Agriculture and Forestry University. They were able to learn about the status of veterinary education in Nepal and future plans to improve the condition of veterinary education.

We are very thankful to IVSA Pakhlihawa for arranging the visit and making us comfortable during the stay at Lumbini. We are also thankful for organizing the animal health camp where knowledge were shared and experience gained.

IVSA Rampur has always supported the work done by IVSA Nepal in every step. We are indebted to them for contributing in the success of this program.

IVSA HICAST has always been a great help during exchange and we were very pleased to see their active participation in this exchange as well. We hope the same in future.

IVSA NPI, though in its establishment phase did a lot of contribution in giving a proper welcome to the exchange students. We have very positive thoughts in regards to their participation and contribution in making this exchange program a great success.

Lastly, we need to thank IVSA Austria and all her members for making this exchange a fruitful one. Though we were acquainted only for a short period of time, lifetime of memories were created. We hope the bond created by this exchange will get stronger with time.

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