International Exchange

Hosting IVSA India in Nepal – 2022


The international exchange with IVSA India was held from December 11 to December 18, 2022. The key events of the exchange program were:

Day 1st ( 11th December 2022)

On the very first day, ivsa_nepal & local chapter ivsa_ paklihawa welcomed members from Ivsa India at the Sunauli border. They visited Paklihawa Campus including the farm, administration, and campus premises.


 International exchanges have been the calender activity of IVSA Nepal since its establishment, unfortunately Covid-19 crisis brought a pause into this regular event. Eventually, this year(2022) IVSA Nepal had its first post-covid exchange with  Veterinary graduates From Odisha, India.

IVSA Nepal hosted three graduate veterinary students ; Dr.Soham Sahoo, Dr.Unique Samantrya & Dr. Shaswat Das from 10th june, 2022 to 19th june, 2022.

Day 1st & 2nd(10th and 11th june):

Hosting IVSA Denmark in Nepal-2019

Under the international IVSA exchange program 2019, IVSA Nepal hosted IVSA Denmark from 11th October to 18th October 2019. Some of the key events of the visit were as:

DAY I: IVSA Nepal heartily welcomed IVSA Denmark.

Day 2: Visit at Swyambhunath

Day 3: The members of IVSA Denmark were absolutely thrilled to experience the spellbinding beauty of Pokhara. Our visit went as:

Hosting IVSA Brno at Nepal

Hosting IVSA Brno A total of 10 members from IVSA Brno, Czech Republic visited Nepal from 24th April to 7th May, 2016 as its first ever exchange program. IVSA Nepal managed for the schedules and co-ordinated different events for their comfortable and memorable stay. They visited world heritage sites at Kathmandu, Chitwan National Park and Gharial Breeding Centre at Chitwan, beautiful scenic views with hills trek at Pokhara and Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. A meeting was also held with Vice chancellor, Director of Research and Extension, Dean of FAVF, AFU.

IVSA Nepal at Europe

Three members of IVSA Nepal visited Czech, Hungary and Austria during their stay at Europe for IVSA Exchange program. They were warmly received and facilitated by IVSA Brno, IVSA Hungary and IVSA Austria respectively. This was in continuous with the Exchange program that took place at March the same year.  Their stay at Europe lasted for two weeks from 19th October to 31st October 2018 during this stay they visited different places of Europe and learnt about the western cultures.

IVSA Japan and IVSA Madrid at Nepal

IVSA Nepal hosted IVSA Madrid from 23rd to 30th March 2018 and IVSA Japan from 23rd March to 3rd  April 2018.  We coincided the visit of IVSA Japan and IVSA Madrid members. It was a wonderful experience hosting the people from two different countries situated miles apart from us. They visited veterinary colleges of Nepal, health camps and touristic attraction places.This was our biggest exchange we ever hosted. IVSA Rampur, IVSA Pakhlihawa and IVSA HICAST played a big role to execute the exchange program efficiently and effectively.