On a journey to explore veterinary medicine in different cultural and social backgrounds, the network of locally and internationally active IVSA members of Nepal and Barcelona conducted an exchange program. There were total of five enthusiastic veterinary students of IVSA Barcelona who landed in the heart of the country Kathmandu, Nepal on 27th August, 2019. After the exchange program with HICAST, it was the time to welcome IVSA BCN to IAAS, Paklihawa. The three days stay with IVSA BCN dated 2nd September to 4Th september, 2019 had been the most memorable days to cherish on. It was the moment of happiness to all the IVSA members getting chance to know the people of same field from different cultural and social background. 

The program was scheduled as :-
1.Refreshment and live music night in Kings Palace Bhairahawa (2nd September, 2019)
2.Lumbini Visit (3rd September, 2019)
3. Interaction, Introduction and Cultural night in Institute of Agriculture and Animal Sciences, Paklihawa Campus (3rd September, 2019)
4.Identification of IAAS Farm Animals by Ear Tagging (4th September, 2019)

1. 2nd September, 2019 : The fellow representatives of IVSA Paklihawa, Mr. Santosh Panta(President of IVSA Paklihawa), Ms. Samikshya Phuyal( Exchange Officer at IVSA Paklihawa) and Mr. Pratik Kiju (Former Editor of IVSA Paklihawa) received the members of IVSA BCN at Bhairahawa. Then, the meeting started with interaction with each other ended through refreshment and live music night in Kings Palace Bhairahawa.

2: 3rd September, 2019 : The fresh refreshing morning was ready to welcome IVSA BCN to explore Bhairahawa. After the morning breakfast , few members of IVSA Paklihawa (Ms. Pema Sherpa, Mr. Minal Ghimire, Mr. Sudarshan Bhattarai, Mr. Sameer Neupane, Mr.Aashish Pariyar) with IVSA Barcelona headed upto Lumbini(The birth place of lord Buddha) at sharp 8am. They were extremely delighted to see the ancient design of the temples with respect to various countres. "This is very beautiful place"; they exclamied with joy. They were really curious and fascinated about the various culture and religions and to explore what made Lumbini as one of the places of enlisted World Heritage Sites. With lots of memories, pictures, laughs, enjoyment,  IVSA BCN entered the IAAS Paklihawa Campus. It was the moment to cherish and the night began with cultural program. The cultural night was hosted by Ms. Samikshya Phuyal and there were total of 5 culture oriented performances. IVSA BCN also exchanged their culture by performing the most popular dance from their country. Everyone of them really enjoyed doing the dance by themselves. After the Cultural night, everyone of them headed back to hotel. 

3. 4th September 2019 : On the last day of Exchange at Paklihawa, IVSA Paklihawa conducted "Indentification, Tagging and Record Keeping" Program at IAAS Farm. This program was the continuation of the program named "Upgrading IAAS Farm" conducted on the occassion of "Animal Welfare Week 2019" The program was hosted by SCAW Co-ordinator Ms. Rachana Dangol. The main objective of the program was to identify farm animals and tag them for the further procedures of record keeping. After the tagging program, members of IVSA BCN took a visit of the Paklihawa Campus and headed back to hotel, had lunch and were ready to explore AFU, Rampur in the next few days.

The program although was for short duration, it ended with making memories that could hold gravity. IVSA Paklihawa is very thankful to IVSA Nepal in conducting the exchange program and further expects same kind of program in coming days too. 

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