IVSA Japan and IVSA Madrid at Nepal

IVSA Nepal hosted IVSA Madrid from 23rd to 30th March 2018 and IVSA Japan from 23rd March to 3rd  April 2018.  We coincided the visit of IVSA Japan and IVSA Madrid members. It was a wonderful experience hosting the people from two different countries situated miles apart from us. They visited veterinary colleges of Nepal, health camps and touristic attraction places.This was our biggest exchange we ever hosted. IVSA Rampur, IVSA Pakhlihawa and IVSA HICAST played a big role to execute the exchange program efficiently and effectively. Students from Spain and Japan visited all the veterinary colleges of Nepal and had a good interaction with students and professors of the college. They visited kathmandu valley, Chitwan National Park, Lumbini; the birth place of lord buddha and Pokhara. The Students from two different country got chance to visit remote area of Chitwan and serve the people of that area with free health camp.

Patron of IVSA Nepal and Vice Chacellor of Agriculture and Forestry University, Prof. Dr. IP Dhakal welcomed the visiting students to AFU and praised the work done by IVSA Nepal and they were handed with token of love by Prof. Dhakal. we are indebted to local chapter IVSA Rampur for their valuable support during the course of executing health camp and overall exchange. 
We also pay gratitude and love to Pakhlihawa Campus and ExCo of IVSA Pakhlihawa,HICAST Family and ExCO of IVSA HICAST for their valuable support during the exchange program. 
We were overwhelmed with IVSA Madrid and IVSA Japan and want to bask them with love for there presence at Nepal.

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